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'The World Boutique' is all about new, interesting, well designed stylish, quality products for the discerning shoppers who only want the best!
So if your product fits this bill, join us...

Why Join Our Marketplace?

  • Enables you to expand your overall business reach and be positioned and featured alongside other companies that have a focus on well designed, beautifully presented, quality products.
  • Amplifies your sales and attract new customers
  • You may not have an online presence but have great products. If it’s an area you’ve never explored, it can be overwhelming. We can assist you every step of the journey
  • This is a dedicated web portal that promises discerning and selective parents a new, premium online shopping experience with a focus on design products. Joining ‘’ marketplace will enhance the offering you may or may not already have.
  • Our Procurement team is very selective, choosing products that suit discerning buyers who want safe, well designed, premium quality products.
  • Our Design team will facilitate the presentation of your products, ensuring your company and your products are presented professionally and to ensure we act in your best interests.

The World Boutique’s vision is to globalize and introduce existing and emerging Australian designers and their products to the domestic and international customers. With this plan, we will be the new global go-to online retail experience for the world's style and quality conscious parents.

How Are We Different?

  • Our site is colourful and fun with a emphasis on clarity and accuracy.
  • ‘’s competitive commission structure is based on our streamlined business model.
  • Being associated and aligned to quality is reflected in the standards we set – The World Boutique will ensure your company and your products are presented alongside other like minded companies who have the same passion.

How Marketplace Works?

  • It’s free to join, we take a 25% commission but only when you make a sale. If you don’t make a sale, there is no cost.
  • You identify and provide us the details of the products to be listed on the marketplace. Our team will work with you to confirm all the details through emails.
  • Your selected products will be loaded onto our website. We work closely with your team to ensure a professional shopping experience for our customers.
  • Customers will place orders and pay through ‘’s secure checkout
  • ‘’ will advise you immediately when you have a new order.
  • You will send the order directly to the customer. Your brand is important to you so having control at this point is paramount. You must be committed to providing best-practice customer service.
  • ‘’ will pay you less the commission. This can be done at an order level or monthly.
  • If you wish to ship internationally, this option will be made available at a later stage.
  • ‘’ will market your products to potential customers.
  • ‘’s marketing team will create a special feature for your products. This will appear on our main page on a rotational basis.

What is the minimum requirement?

  • A good quality, genuine, safe and original product.
  • The stock to support the sale. It is imperative for your brand to be able to fulfil orders and ship the products to our customers quickly and efficiently.
  • High resolution professional shot and styled images that best present your products.
  • Be registered for GST (Australian-based business only).
  • Have a strength and passion to grow your business.

Let's Get Started...