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Bikes & Accessories

It's now time for your little one to venture outdoors and to start getting more active! Your toddler or little man has made such great progress! You've watched him or her start with the slow and tentative crawls, and then graduate to standing with the help of the household furniture, and finally taking their first step forward. Now they're walking like a pro and no part of the house is too far to reach for them. So why not introduce them to the next frontier?
Your baby will benefit greatly from learning to ride a bike or trike - both indoors and out and about. Not only will they develop their motor skills and mind-muscle coordination better, but they will also be able to explore the outdoors and learn even more about the world around them.
The World Boutique has stocked all kinds of two and three-wheeled vehicles for toddlers to help you give your little one, a head start on controlling something with wheels. Whether they like to ride on cars or ride on toys, they'll love our products. Come into our store and browse our collection of accessories, including helmets and other head gear for head safety, knee pads, and fancy lights. We also stock scooters for the preschoolers, progressing to balance bikes for when they think they are all grown up.

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