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Pillows & Cushions

A pillow could have so many uses! It could be used to rest the baby's head when they go to sleep, or as something they can hold on to and hug when they feel particularly lonely or just simply to dress the nursery. Couple that with a cushion and the baby has a comfy companion to carry around wherever they go. In fact, come to think of it, a teddy bear is just a cushion with a face!
There's no reason why your baby's pillow or cushion shouldn't be able to make a statement. It's as personal as, and in some cases even more personal than, an article of clothing. It should reflect your baby's style and personality right down to the last detail and can eve include your babies name.
The World Boutique has the latest pillows and cushions for your baby, including customized and theme ones. We have all kinds of personalized cushions, including birth details cushions, decorative cushions for kids' rooms and nurseries, and pillows to boot! Whether you're looking for sleeping pillows or baby feeding pillows, we've got you sorted. Our pillows and cushions are ideal for gifts and come at an affordable price.

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