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Teethers & Comforters

Teething time is an important time for your baby. It's when they get to produce their milk teeth and jump to their next stage of growth and development. It should definitely be something to celebrate as a parent. However, despite the great things we can always say about teething in babies, a lot can also be said about how painful and uncomfortable it can be for our babies. Your baby can experience anything from sore gums to excess drooling during this time and you will probably want to do something about it.
At The World Boutique, we totally understand this, and that's why we have included an entire line of soothers, pacifiers, teether rings, and chewy gift packs for your baby to chew on. Our wooden teethers and silicone teethers are the best quality available on the market and come at an highly affordable price that will have both you and your toddler smiling. Some of our products can also be personalised with baby name or birth date, making them a perfect gift for the little one!
The World Boutique offers a unique line of baby comforters, including baby blankies and baby organic comforters to help your baby fly through the teething stage.

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