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Our Story

The World Boutique is the story of four parents who, like most parents out there, were trying to do the best they could juggling work life, home life and raising happy little people. It was during the pregnancy of one of the founders, Dimple, that the idea for The World Boutique started to take shape.

I was excited about the birth of my 2nd child and starting to think about how to style the nursery as well as what sort of pram would be suitable and all the other things that I would need. I was overwhelmed by the choices I had, and I simply didn't have a lot of time to look around the shops or online sites.

"Pinterest and Instagram were wonderful for inspiration but I wanted somewhere that I could browse and shop for everything that I needed – a single place where I could find a broad selection of high quality products from all over the world for my family"
Dimple, Co-Founder.

'And so the idea of The World Boutique was born.'

Dimple discussed the idea with her husband and another couple of close friends. Together they started bringing the idea to life. We imagined a place where people could come to browse, shop or simply be inspired. A place with a broad range of the best in class products in a one stop shop The shopping experience was an integral part of the arketplace the group set out to create.

“We wanted to ensure that coming to The World Boutique was
enjoyable and that the experience was fun, whether browsing, selecting or purchasing.”

Our Social Mission

The World Boutique is also the story of co-founders who, touched by the impacts of childhood cancer, and were resolved to contribute to the important research of childhood cancers* and supporting other people affected. Having volunteered in a small way for almost 15 years to support children and their families that attend the pediatric centre at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, the founders wondered if their new idea could somehow benefit this important cause.

And so they pledged to donate a percentage of their annual profits made from The World Boutique to My Room, the pediatric cancer charity at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne.

After much hard work, the vision was bought to life and The World Boutique was launched. A place where people can come to browse, shop, or be inspired by the very best products from all around the world And give a little back as well.

*Please consult for the latest information on charity – Their scope is Children Cancer Victoria, Australia, specifically.

*Cancer kills more children than any other disease. Each year over 800 Australian children will be diagnosed with cancer but sadly only 83% of these children will survive.

*'My Room' believes in a future where no child suffers from cancer. Where there’s a cure rate of 100%.

*'My Room' is working towards that 100% cure rate for all childhood cancers, and are determined to succeed.